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Happy ending..

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Hi everyone,

I haven't dropped by much over the last year or so but wanted to just say hi, and give some words for those slow-onset that may be about to go or are going where I've been.


After an initial horrible couple of years mis diagnosed as a type 2 (even though I was thin, Doh!) and trying all sorts of oral meds, snake oils and exercise which worked for a couple of years, my life got to the point where I felt like it was slipping away from me in all respects. I was so afraid of losing control I tried everything within my reach and wallet to reverse my situation but it never came. I felt like i was fighting a losing battle, but refused to give up. That fight I realised, was simply wasting my life and those around me. I lost 2 years of my life which I could've been using to travel, write more music, learn a new language, spend with my family, re connect with old friends, watch movies.... I felt that the day I would have to use insulin my life would be over, and I would have lost the battle.


On the contrary, it was exactly the opposite - it's been one year since i started insulin. My life is now pretty much what is was before diagnosis. I am living again, I can eat dessert again, I look normal again, I feel normal again, I feel I am seen as normal again.

My ac1 last month was the lowest it has ever been at 5.9. My only regret is not going onto insulin quicker. It's not the easist thing in the world, but it really has given me my life back.


My fight with Diabetes I realised, was actually a fight with myself and as soon as I made peace with it and myself, I lost my anger and haven't looked back since. Happy days ;)

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