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New at EVERYTHING- What to ask dr?

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Hi everybody! I was just diagnosed with diabetes last month from my primary care physician and was put on 5mg glyburide 2x's a day. My blood sugars have been pretty high. Before I started glyburide they were in the 500's!!! They're now in the low 200's and getting better every day.


Unfortunately, I know that even though that is a lot better than before, it's still waaaayyyy too high. I just found out I was pregnant a couple of days ago and now I'm scared out of my mind.


I go in next week to see my ob/gyn but I don't have any idea what I'm doing. Can anybody tell me what to expect, what questions I should be asking, what tests I should be getting, etc.


And am I doomed to have a miscarriage with my numbers being so high? Is there anything I can do RIGHT NOW to get them lower. I am already dieting (but haven't been instructed on any particular kind of diet. I'm just trying to eat "healthy"), walking, and drinking lots of water.


Thanks ladies :)

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Hi Cate,


First congratulation on your pregnancy and someone from the forms with more experience in both the pregnancy & diabetes will be sure to log in and answer some of those questions.


Dont' stress out to much...and for us diabetic the carbs are mostly what spike our sugars. But someone will let you know a bit more.


Hugs and good luck,



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How far along are you pregnant? How often are you testing your BG's? Is this your first?

Are you advanced maternal age (over 35?) Do you know what your A1C was?

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Usually when you are pregnant they want your bgs pretty low. I would assume they would take you off the glyberide and put you on insulin. I would call your OB and ask them about the medication you are taking and whether you should switch to insulin.

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Did you tell your OB about your high sugars when you made the appointment?


I've been pregnant both here and in Ohio, and in both places they reacted differently. Here in Missouri, they take it very seriously, even putting me in the hospital for the first few days each time to get my insulin needs right. In ohio, I had to fight to get an appointment within two weeks to even see some one!


I haven't heard anything about glyburide use during pregnancy. I know you can use the metformin (glucophage) but many of the other meds are unhealthy for the baby. Your doctor should really switch you immediately to insulin. It's really not difficult once you get the hang of it.


You'll need a good meal plan, especially because of the pregnancy. I'm being asked to eat six times a day, but very measured. I also just found out I'm pregnant and my sugars were very high (over 300) to start with. I'm not that concerned, because really, there's not much I can do about the early weeks of high sugars.


However, I am glad to have gotten my sugars pretty well under control already. I've had three others, each started the same way. I had permission twice from docs to get preg... but they should have put me on insulin prior to the pregnancies. Hindsight is 20/20.


My first three kids are very healthy and I've never lost one. So, it has worked out for me.


I would ask the doc,


"Should I switch to Metformin as it's safer to use during pregnancy?"

"Can I meet with a dietician or nutritionist to set up a good meal plan?"

"Should I go into the hospital for a night or two to get my insulin needs assessed?"

"what reading (number wise) should constitute a call or page into your office?"

"Will I be seeing a specialist and classified as a high risk pregnancy?"

"how often will I need to come in for appointments, and how often will we measure the baby for proper growth and development?"



Also, if you do need insulin, that will mean being able to give yourself small injections. They aren't a big deal, but some people are a lil uncomfortable with them at first, you needs some education on that.


Plus need education on assessing low sugars and how to treat them.


oh, and if your doc is non-chalant about all of this... get a second opinion!!!!

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