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new possible MODY DX for son and maybe daughter

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My son (6) was having blood work for unrelated symptoms he was having. LSS, blood glucose levels was 125. Since then, fastings have been 118-142. Fasting insulin and c-peptides were low/normal. Antibodies were neg. A1c was 6.3. So, endo said either very early type 1, or MODY. Family history: type 2- me, my mom, her 2 sisters, moms dad, his sister and their kids... Most of these adults were average weight when DX. So who knows.


My doctor agrees that MODY is more likely. GTT in 2 weeks for son.


A few days ago, my daughter (9), started wetting the bed. I checked her fasting- 130. Soooo, now we have to take her for insulin, c-peptide, A1c, etc.


I am not sure yet what diets will be given to my children if MODY is the case. They both have multiple food allergies already. I know there are 6 types of MODY, each with their own treatment plan. But is there a general rule for children with MODY as far as diets. Both kids are 25%ile in height/ weight... Very healthy sizes.




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