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"Why We Get Fat" - Gary Taubes

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"One of the points I really like in his latest blog is that something that works for one person isn't going to work for another. Some of us are more insulin sensitive and thus probably wouldn't have to restrict carbs all that much to keep lean (which I think is why the whole grain / fruit / veggies dogma is so popular). Some unlucky others (and I believe myself to be in this category) are going to have to restrict carbs heavily (I'm even having to limit my beloved apples!)"



This was a very interesting theory to me also! I have read lots of books including Gary Taubes and for some reason, this particular idea resonated with me. I suspect I will have to limit my carbs to much less than 30 and possibly go to zero in order to lose weight, but I have been under the impression for several years, that I might just be that one person that will never lose weight on 20-30 grams of carbs per day. I'm going to re-read his latest book and do some more research, but mini-meals with minimal protein and carbs will be my next step.


BTW, I have journaled my meals, have entered the macro-nutrients, have upped the fat, reduced the protein (and carbs) and although I am healthier and blood glucose is very good, the weight does not "drip off" as I read from so many others who have gone "low carb". I have been doing this for over five years, so I'm not a newbie to any of it.

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Jan B
I know you mean well and that the above is true for the majority of people. At one point in my life that worked for me too. Sometimes there are legitimate health issues that can make it more difficult than normal to lose weight via traditional means. Implying that these people are lying about what they are eating or making excuses, doesn't sit well with me.


I was told that I was lying about my food journal for years (by multiple doctors and dietitians), the result was that I didn't loose weight and felt worthless, subhuman, unworthy of getting better. Then after being put on medicine to regulate my hormones, losing weight became easier. So the same amount of exercise, same food but very different results.


I guess all I'm getting at is that I agree that for most people this works but for that minority, every time they read stuff like this, it's hurtful.


I'm really sorry & thank you for explaining. What bothers me is the crowd of people who quit trying because they read that we have no control over our weight whether we do or don't exercise and control our diets. The last thing I meant to do was hurt people; I'd rather they have hope. I see some of Taubes writing as giving people the idea that exercise doesn't work. And to me, that takes away hope. I believe that Type 2s have a much harder experience because of insulin resistance, even though I read and have seen a lot of successes through exercise.

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Yeah I see what you mean. There is a huge difference between what I've experienced and giving up or feeling that you do not have responsibility and control (to an extent) over your life and body. Exercise has benefits and even if someone is unable to loose weight with just exercise, it shouldn't be thought of as unnecessary. I would hope that people who read Taubes don't take away that they shouldn't even bother...


The biggest thing that amazes me (compared to my other illnesses) is that I CAN affect how I feel, I DO have control and there seems to be a path to a somewhat normal life. I'm not speaking for other people, just my own "luck" that so early in I've found you guys and have had success with the advice found here. :)

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