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Low Carb / High Fat Diet Questions / Advice?

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I was diagnosed Type II 7 years ago. Went low carb (<100/day), felt like a zombie for a few days, then better. Cholesterol stayed high (250), Trigs went from 500 to 135, morning Bgs were o.k., 110ish.


Then I fell off diet. Started eating a few more "good" carbs (whole breads, squash, yams, etc). Trigs up. BGs up. Dr. started me on Glipizide. I had to eat more carbs to prevent hypo.


Within three months, I had gained 8# (6'1", from 174# to 182#), felt terrible, bloated, fat, muscle aches. A1c hit 7.8. Doc says time for insulin.


Not so fast, doc. I started VERY low carb (10-20/day) high fat diet 6 weeks ago. Interested to see what my next blood draw shows. BG's are great, but I still take Met and glip, but now only take glip as needed, breaking my pills (10mg) into 1/2s and 1/4s.


I've lost the 8#! Great! Back down to 174! Now I know this may sound caulous (no offense to those fighting the greater battle), but I still have tummy fat. I have always been very thin, except for the tummy thing. My question is this:


Was the 8# just water weight? Where was it stored, and why? Was it "inflamation"?


I lost the 8# quickly, like in a week. I am acually eating far less than before, as I'm just not that hungry anymore (althought I try to eat three meals, to keep my BGs low). It seems that fat is very satisfying. But why did my weight loss stop back at 174? If I continue LC/HF diet (pretty much a given, unless I want to inject insulin), will it continue again but at a reasonable pace, like a # a month? Or am I stuck here?


I guess I should be happy. BGs are the most important thing. I'm not all that concerned about cholesterol (tho my Dr. is freaked out). I would like to reduce Trigs. On average, I'm not someone you would consider "fat". I just think I would be even healthier if I lost the bulge.


Comments? Advice? Questions?

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It's hard to say. I would guess it was a combination of all that. I think you are on the right path, you just need to give it a little more time. Cholesterol is commonly tested and examined incorrectly. The important number is the trig/HDL ratio and the particle size of your LDL anyway. People with "good" cholesterol numbers die of heart attacks every day.


I say keep up the good work! You're doing great! :-)

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