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I've been quite lucky with it in the respects that it hasn't lost it's effectiveness yet. I did quit taking it for a month or so, and when I went back on it, it came back full force. It seems to be a very interesting medication when it comes to it's effectiveness with different people.

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I am/was on Victoza. I can't remember when I started taking it ... maybe later part of 2010 ... my memory sucks. Anyway, in August, endo increased my dosage to 1.8 along with taking me off glucovance and switching to Metformin ER. The Metformin was a bust, but at the 1.8 dose I did experience nausea. I also developed a VERY severe allergic reaction. I am a giant itch from head to toe. This has been going on for days now.


I have to say, both the endo and I attributed the allergy to the increased dosage of Victoza, HOWEVER, I just remembered something yesterday: I recently started taking an Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement. It's 600 mg daily and when I thought some more the light bulb went off I did additional research on ALA and ALA can cause severe allergic reactions at higher doses. So now I am stumped. I liked the Victoza, but in any event, I see the endo in a few weeks and he wants me off off the glucovance (which I am now back on again) and I am DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE and DONE with taking oral meds and synthetics, etc. I have a reaction to everything that has ever been prescribed to me except the glucovance. I am going to really insist on giving insulin a try. I feel like a guinea pig, but when I was on the 1.2 dose of Victoza I was seeing very good numbers, primarily in the morning when I used to suffer from the pre dawn phenom. I injected at night. Oh, and yes, I did help me lose 12 lbs.


Cheers and scratching ... :confused:


- amiguita

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