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Type 1 Weight Loss

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This weight loss business is a lot of fun for me :( Do any other type 1's struggle?


Started in July 2008 at 249.6 (doc weighed me at 254 clothed)

After six weeks -- 242

Jan 2009 -- 242

did lower carb, 75g a day

Jul 2009 -- 235


Jul 2010 -- 231


Dec 2010 -- 229


March 15 -- Swinging between 224 and 230 but hang around 226

Cut out almonds (didn't even know they had carbs), moved to two meals a day

-- 6am hand of brazil nuts and 3 cream coffee

-- mid morning bacon and eggs loaded w butter

-- 2 more coffess w 3 cream

-- dinner at 7 20g carbs max, high fat, low quantity.

-- snack of high fats whatever


I figured not eating during my DP was a thing to do. Same around 5pm when my evening resistance is highest.


March 20 226.4

March 21 224.4

March 22 223.6

March 23 222.8

March 24 221.4 3 new lows in 3 days!


I'm hoping I've found the tricks to get me over the hump -- don't eat during periods of high insulin resistance, stay very low carb and high fat, and cut back on calories. Pump sets have been great, so no big corrections. They always seem to force me into a few new lbs.

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You should join My Fitness Pal. There are quite a few type 1er's over there. Its nice to have people that are dealing with how hard being type 1 makes weight loss.

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Congrats on the weight loss, John.


I gained 50lbs after starting an insulin regimen - never had a weight issue before in my life. It has been very frustrating. But I was newly diagnosed, and I realized that I needed to be easier on myself - lots of changes happening all at once. I figured that I needed to tackle one thing at a time - getting the hang of the insulin regimen first - and I could focus on weight later.


I just got done reading Dana Carpender's book "How I Quit My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds". Great book. I was eating about 100g carbs per day (and some days indulging even more) and decided that I'd like to cut it back to 75g and then to 50g. And I hired a personal trainer. I've lost 5lbs in 3 weeks, which I think is healthy weight loss. I have a goal for losing 15bs by my birthday on 7/1. And 50lbs in a year.


I've been focusing on plant based fats - coconut oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, lean protein, veggies, yogurt. I do eat full fat cheeses and I use heavy cream liberally in soups.

I also gave up gluten. What a difference in BG control!!


I'm constantly trying to tweak and improve. It's a process.

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