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Refered to Endo-

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I am a young athlete who recently was referred to en ednocrinologist for diabetes testing. I have many symptoms, ravenous hunger, thirst, blurry eyes, joint trouble, foot problems etc.....


I am fit and do a lot of exercise, and I have read of those who were not tested for 1.5 and just assumed to be type 2.


Just a few questions to those of you who have already been on this path and are going through it now, too!


1. Can anyone please advise me what tests to ask for.

2. Did any other tests show anything? I have low platelets for example and my Dr warned me I could be in the brink of an auto immune disorder. Does anyone have low platelets that preceeded this? I also have PAV and PVC arrythmias.


I am glad I have someone to talk to about this. I am not happy that it took so long (5 years!) to be refered to an endo and want to make the most of my visit.


Good health to us all,


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With your low platelets, Rachel, I would get tested for thyroid disease, too. Interestingly, T1.5 seems to be genetically linked to thyroid disease.


For D the tests are GAD-65 autoantibodies, and IA2 autoantibodies ... and C-peptide, to determine your insulin production.


Oh ... and WELCOME! Hoping you will not have to be here ...

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