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Todd G.

Two thoughts

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Todd G.

As a chef, I really watch what people eat with genuine interest. I eat at a cafeteria several times a week, and while waiting in line I look a at the body types. Most are pretty round, as is the case with most Americans. But then I look at what the cafeteria is serving and even in their salad section, most of the foods have carbs, either intrinsically or added. Then into their entree section, a recent night had 12 of their 16 entrees being pasta, breaded and fried, or rice based. Then 15 of their 18 vegetables were starchy. 6 kinds of potatoes, plus rice, creamed corn, rice added veggie bakes, and more pasta. Really? 6 kinds of potatoes? And since when was pasta a vegetable? Only green beans, broccoli, and turnip greens passed the LC test. Interesting. Of course their dessert section and breads are off limits, but I do occasionally have some sugar free pie. The crust has a few carbs, but overall it's not bad, but I do suspect that it's not as sugar free as they would lead you to believe. I have a meter you know. :)


Also, the blurb under the "Low Carb Lifestyle" heading has the word "vegetable" misspelled. FYI. :) The last word, yeah, that one right there>>>>>>

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