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ADA takes another shot at Low Carb Diet

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This is very frustrating. The results from a study was recently released. (Actually, it was in September, but sometimes it takes me a while to read my magazines…I bet this study was already discussed elsewhere).



According to my January 2011 ADA Diabetes Forecast magazine, it stated:




“There’s been a lot of debate about the merits and potential dangers of low-carb diets, but new research suggests that they may be healthy – so long as they are rich in veggies. Researchers tracked a large group of middle-aged participants over more than two decades, assessing their dietary profiles along the way. When lumped together, low-carb diets were associated with increased risk of death compared to diets higher in carbs. However, low diets that emphasized vegetables were associated with a lower risk of death than low-carb diets that were heavy on animal products.” Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, Sept 7, 2010


Now, by reading this very short article, you would have thought that somebody had actually put together a good study that compared folks eating a low carb diet against other diets. However, the truth is no where close to that. This study took a group of data (which was not very accurately put together), and called one group – low carb with animal products, and the other group low-carb with plant products. The truth is that neither group was low carb, and 3x as many folks listed in the low-carb with animal products were smokers. BTW…the “increased risk” of death in either case was not significant. But please read the links listed below to get a detailed explanation of what this study actually measured, and how that study could have actually led to the bogus news clip above.




Please read the attached links that respond to this flawed study from Denise Minger and Chris Masterjohn




Brand-Spankin’ New Study: Are Low-Carb Meat Eaters in Trouble? « Raw Food SOS: Troubleshooting on the Raw Food Diet




The Daily Lipid: New Study Shows that Lying About Your Hamburger Intake Prevents Disease and Death When You Eat a Low-Carb Diet High in Carbohydrates

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