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Altering Victoza dose

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This is the first time I have injected, I consider myself "pen illiterate". When starting Victoza, the method is to start with a .6 ml dosage once a day for one week, then move up to 1.2 ml. Some people then move on to 1.8 ml. By the way, Victoza is expensive,at about $5 for a 1.2 ml dose. After 20 days, I still find that 1.2 ml makes me too nauseated, and that I am fairly happy with my bg reading and the appetite suppression of less. So I have been taking .6ml one day and 1.2

about every third day . The instructions in the pen pack state that you must not try to take other dosage amounts, and only .6, 1.2, and 1.8 are marked on the dial. Because I am such a rebel ;), I would like to try .9ml. I have noticed that the pen clicks when moving the dosage reading, ten clicks between .6 and 1.2. So, with my incredible math skills, I have decided to try .6 plus five clicks. Can anyone tell me if there is a reason for not doing this?

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