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"Key Lime" Pudding - dairy free - low carb

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Avocado Pudding – Dairy Free – makes 3, ½ cup servings




Pre-prep: heavy coconut cream. Place a can of coconut milk in the refrigerator until cold (2-4 hours). Turn can over and open the “bottom” end. Pour off liquid (this contains most of the carbs). What is left is the more solid “cream”.


1-1/2 tsp powdered unflavored gelatin

¼ cup boiling water

2 tsp. Truvia sweetener

1-1/2 Tbsp. lime juice (or 3 packets True Lime)

8 drops liquid sucrulose (EZ-Sweetz)


1 Haas avocado

6 Tbsp. heavy coconut cream

¼ tsp guar gum


Fill a glass measuring cup to ¼ cup with tepid water.

Sprinkle gelatin over surface and let set about 5 minutes to soften

Add boiling water and gently stir to dissolve gelatin.

Add Truvia sweetener and stir to dissolve

Stir in lime juice and liquid sweetener.

Add cold water to the 1 cup mark and stir.


Place the rest of the ingredients in a blender and pour the liquid on top. Blend on high until you can no longer see solid avocado. Pour into three small bowls (custard dishes, plastic drink glasses, etc.). Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on top of the pudding to prevent air reaching it and turning the surface dark (avocados will turn dark when exposed to air). Place in refrigerator until set – about 2 hours or until cold.


Serve as is, or top with raspberries or strawberries.




MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP: Use peppermint flavor instead of lime (may need to add more sweetener). Before serving, stir in a few shavings of chocolate from a 70% bar.


PINEAPPLE COCONUT: Haven’t tried this yet, but you could use DaVinci’s Pineapple Syrup (maybe 2 T?) instead of the lime juice and liquid sweetener, and maybe stir in some reconstituted dried shredded coconut (let it soak 10 minutes in a small amount of hot water).


Can be frozen.

Although it’s best freshly made, I have successfully frozen this dish, which is a good way to store it for future enjoyment. I pour it into 5-oz plastic cups up to the rim and cover well with plastic wrap (taping it down to secure it). To eat, remove from freezer a few hours before you want it, placing in refrigerator to defrost slowly. It separates a bit, but the flavor is still good. It’s kind of like ice cream if you defrost it only until you can get a spoon into it.

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@ VeeJay Thanks, that pudding recipe does sound delicious so I saved it.


dice told me about a quick 'key lime' snack idea.


One container of no sugar added Cool Whip

1/2 of a box of sugar free Lime Jello


Sprinkle jello over CW and keep stirring till mixed well.

Chill it for a few hrs.

Delicious and kind of gross at the same time! lol

I am sort of addicted. (still laughing)

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Let me know if you like it after you make it.


The Kool-Whip idea is nice, but, unfortunately, it's not dairy free. Kool-Whip contains some dairy ingredients (don't remember now what it is, but probably whey or casein).


I'm after high-fat foods, so the coconut cream and avocado are good for that.

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Thanks for sharing recipes here..Now I m going to reduce my weight so it will be definitely helpful for me..

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