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Very Low carb Rice Crispy "like" treats"

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Hubby and I are always trying to find yummy treats that won't spike BS, and we found one that we really love.


Being pre-diabetic, possibly type 2 by now, rice crispy treats are out of the question, but we discovered this cereal called Smaps on netrition website, as well as the la nouba no carb marshmallows...we figured we'd try to make our own LC version of our fav treat and it turned out great!


Just melt up three packs of the sugar-free marshmallows, with a stick of butter in a pan, turn off the heat then throw in the bag of smaps...mix it together and press into a cake pan, and you have the closest thing to rice crispy treats you could ever find...and they have only 2 carbs per serving!


Just don't eat too many, b/c they'll might cause gas if eaten in excess :eek: but eating one or two feels like a wonderful guilty pleasure, with none of the guilt! :)


Yes, they have fat, but if you're doing a LC diet, they are just right.

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