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Worried about having children...

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Hey all


I am 23 and at university. I am starting to think :confused: about having children in the future (hopefully when I'm 28), and I am beggining to become aware of the complications that can happen with diabetes :(

I have looked online and have seen that diabetics are more likely to have larger babies, miscarriages, still births and babies that die in the first few hours of life. This information has scared me, as I really do want children. What are your experiences? And do I need to feel as petrified :eek: about it as I do now?



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Well.. First off. Dont believe everything you read online. While it has basis in fact that doesnt neccesarily mean this will happen to you. I wasn't diabetic when I had my boys but became so shortly thereafter. From my knowledge alot of the complications with diabetes and pregnancy occur when your bg levels are uncontrolled. I know plenty of ladies that had gestational diabetes and had perfectly happy, normal, and normal sized beautiful babies. I would not think about all the things that "could be" as most new parents do. If you do, youll go crazy because the possibilites are endless. Just think about your situation. Discuss any concerns with your doctor but from a mommy and a fellow diabetic as long as your healthy, keep your bg in check, then you should have a wonderful baby boy or girl! And stop reading everything you see online!!! hehe

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I grew up believing that having children as a Type I was impossible, but this is far, far, far from true. I have been Type I for 25 years (Diagnosed at age 6) and on the Insulin pump for 13. I got pregnant with my first daughter at 29 and had her at 30. I am currently pregnant with my second daughter and will have her in 7 weeks.


In terms of what to think about and plan:

1. Try to get your A1C as great as you can. (I have kept mine in the 5's for most of both pregnancies. I began my first pregnancy at 6.5%- this is great but wanted it in even tighter control. I quickly brought it down and have kept it there, ever since.)

2. If you are not on an insulin pump, I would recommend it, it will help with keeping in tight control and preparing for slight and constant changes that will come with pregnancy.

3. Try to be in the best shape that you can. For me, I worked over a few years to lose weight and my insulin requirements dropped drastically.

4. Think positively, it can and will happen!


I worked hard and kept in great control and my daughter, who is almost 1 is perfectly healthy and was not large. Where I am from it is standard to induce Type I Diabetics before 38 weeks, but every care-giver is different. Complications can occur in any pregnancy, but the ones related to being Diabetic are specifically from your control. In the first trimester, it is imperative to try to keep your blood sugars down lower, as this is a time for all of the major development.


There is no need to be petrified. Most on here have had happy, healthy babies and will continue to do so.


I am here if you need to chat.



Type I 25 years (Diagnosed at age 6)

Insulin Pump User 13 years

First Daughter: Almost 1

31 weeks along with second daughter

Most recent A1C 5.6%

Scheduled C-Section: 7 weeks from today!

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Steph covered this beautifully. As of Thur, I'll have had type 1 for 19 yrs. I've had cataracts and I currently have gastriparesis and I made it thru a fair pregnancy and have a healthy, albeit colicky 6 week old son. I have had more probs w/ my skin than my diabetes. You are very closely monitored for pregnancy, delivery, and early post partum period.



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Thank you so much :) This has put my mind at ease a lot!!

I am normal weight for my height, so I'll make sure I stay this way for the future.

I'm going for a check up in a week, so I will probably discuss with her as well


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