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35 weeks!!

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I just wanted to update everyone :)


My a1c the entire pregnancy has been about 5.6!!


He is in the 50% and it's not looking like he will be a HUGE baby, THANK GOODNESS!! I hope he stays in the 50%, I am being induced Oct 4th, that night. I will be 38 weeks, 2 days :)


I am only 1cm dilated, am hoping that changes before my induce date.


This is my first baby. He gets the hiccups 4 times a day, he seems to be doing wonderful, and I plan on managing my diabetes during labor! I have never been in labor before, so I am kind of nervous, but I know my body! I am hoping he is perfectly fine, with normal sugar levels after birth, and developed lungs.


I am REALLY hoping this doesn't turn into a C-section also :)


How is everyone doing??? I am also using like a vile of humalog EVERY TWO DAYS!!! Crazy!!

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