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Hi all


Last Wednesday, my 13 year old son was scheduled for KADIS, A joint project between Ajman University of Science and Technology Network Diabetes Center (AUST-DCC for short) and Karlsburg, Germany.


My son complained that the center have made 7 attempts before they implanted the wired sensor under the skin of his tommy. The implanted wired sensor of the Continuous Glucose Monitor (Medtronic Minimed) was not implanted correctly, and the monitor started giving error messages after less than 12 hours


I thought that this was a pilot study, but the strange thing is that it was only decleared to us this was not a research project when my son was being harrased by the doctors who are trying to implant the needle under his skin.


We were asked to sign an undertaking, and pay AED2,000 (US$546) as a charge for the test, for downloading the readings into a PC, for encoding the daily food, insulin and sports schedule into the PC, for forwarding the same to Karlsburg, Germany, and for getting a report on the best recommendations to maintain a healthy life with minimal fluctuations in BS, and with even a decrease in insulin intake levels.


After getting the error messages, we reset the monitor, and waited for the next morning. Again after the morning reading, an error came, and a third, and a forth. The next day, we got a different error type (Sensor Disconnected)


Upon checking the sonsor, it aprears that the implantation was so shollow, and the needle just went out of the skin.


I called his Dr. When I asked the Dr she said that they received the CGM without the introducer, so they used some other older introducer for some other monitor to insert the needle into my son's skin. She said that we should not worry, because they need only a one day reading coupling with the food, insulin, & sports schedule to get a good recommendation from KADIS


I was not happy with her answer, so I called another Dr. who repeated that they will have to just download the readings and check if it's enough or if they need to re-implant it under his skin once again.


I was again not happy with that, so I called a third Dr. and told him planely that I will discontinue the program until a time that we are convensed that they have the correct instruments and training to conduct such a test. We removed the monitor, and handed it over back to the AUST-DCC.


I am providing all of the above information for everyone to try not to submit his son willingly without first knowing very well what will happen next to him


My questions are:


Did anybody here tried this KADIS?

How reliable it is?

Can it be done at home if I get my hands on the monitor?

Any alternative software that can log and recommend?


Please try to help



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