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Baby Julia

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Our precious Baby Julia was born at 10:55am on 30th Dec. by elective cesarean.....


The operation went really well......and Julia's and my sugars were stable throughout, infact she did not need to go to the Baby Care Unit, and did not suffer from low sugars at all.....she was with me the whole time....


We did so well, that we were released a day earlier than planned.......


She weighed 2.94kgs at birth...Infact the midwives kept joking with me, saying "are you sure you're type 1"......since the woman in the bed next to me, who had no diabetes gave birth to a 4.1Kg baby......


Julia is very small.....but she has a big appettite :)


Here's a pic of her, just 2 1/2 hours old, staring at mummy.





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:wavey: Hi Julia welcome and :birthday:


She is just to cute!!!



Big Mongo Hugs and kisses Julia!!


Da Fwog

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So happy for you. Congratulations for a healthy baby. Wishing you continued rapid healing and lots of help in the interrim!



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