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2012 Outdoor Bicycle Riding

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Ronin, well said!

Raffi, you're a braver man than I! Ice/gravel, not my cup of tea. Keep up the good work, you are quite the inspiration!

Everyone: have a great and safe New Year!


We've had a brief respite (much needed) from the incessant rain - 2012 has been the 4th wettest on the record books (and #2 and 3 were within spitting distance). With that, I've been able to get out for 3 of the last 4 days, and log about 80 miles - yesterday, in very bright sunshine. Today brings very cold, and spitting snow (it's 34 right now -- near noon). No ride today, but looks like I can start 2013 with a ride.


I pretty much hit my goals for the year. Wound up at 2504 miles (goal was 2000 -- met that one nicely!); I completed my first Century in ~35 years (I was 17 for the last one); and a gross check of my logged activities shows I exercised a bit under half the days of the year (goal was 3 or 4 days per week).


Haven't set my goals for next year, yet. I don't do a New Year's Resolution, per se - it'll take me a few days to sort out what I really want to do this year.


I have found that posting here has helped keep me on track - as well as the motivation from seeing what we're all up to; I think that's actually the bigger part.


I've also found that actively logging and reviewing workouts is hugely beneficial. I can see how I'm doing with respect to goals, and keep that at 'top of mind'. I do this all through the Garmin website, so it's really painless --> that's been the best result of last year's Christmas present from DW (Garmin Edge 500).


Keep up the good work, all! See you in next year's thread.


Stay safe out there!



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