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Toddler with High Blood Sugar

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Hi All,


I am a father of a 2 almost 3 year old diabetic son. He was diagnosed when he was 11 months and he have had our stretches of decent to good blood sugars and we are now in horrible stretch of high blood sugars (3-400's at times).

A few weeks back we were struggling to keeping him above 100. We kept cutting down his basal and I:C rates on his pump and the struggles continued. We went from a daily basal rate total of 4.25 to 3.65 and a break fast I:C decrease of 1:17 to 1:21 and we were back to managing him again. He has a CGM and didn't spike above 220 and life was good. Now we are dealing with the polar opposite problem.

We are back up to a total of 4.4 in basal rates and his I:C for breakfast is 1:18 and we cant keep him under 300. I crank up his basal rates in the morning from .05 an hour to .25-.375 1.5 hours before he eats. I also gave him 75% of his insulin for his breakfast 10 minutes before he even starts eating. We are going to call the Endo but I am going out of my mind with frustration and wanted some feedback on your experiences. We just keep checking him and giving him BG corrections and eventually we'll get double down arrows on his CGM and then we can get him back into the 100's but its been a struggle to say the least.

It seems to always go in this pattern. We can never get a 4-6 weeks of BG stability. I keep thinking maybe its the set or the cartridge lot#'s or the insulin but I cant make heads or tails of the issue we are in right now.

Could it be a growth spirt, could it be the insulin (We never use a vial past 30 days after its opened). He just got over being sick but his BGs were not nearly as bad when he was sick with ketones.


Any Feedback is Appreciated!!



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If your son wan't so young I'd ask if there is a chance he is getting sick, or has an infection (i'll ask anyways too lol) as this can be a very common cause of needing to increase basal amounts, but since your son is so young I would imagine that just getting older is going to require more insulin. Has he been sick at all or possibly fighting an infection? Has anything in his diet changed? Sometimes just switching a brand of cereal or bread does it for me, even though the box/loaf claims it has the same amount of carbs.


I can relate to how frustrating it can be, at least for myself, as a parent I would think it would be even more frustrating, BUT I must commend you on being so diligent with his control. I think you are doing everything right; yes it's odd that you had to bring him down on his basal, and now you are giving even more then prior to when you were trying to bring his numbers up. Diabetes is like that to say the least. These days I am big on routines, so I can get my sugars as stable as possible, and it is SO frustrating when I do everything like I did for a previous workout (for instance) and I go low after the workout. I did EVERYTHING the same! Why in the world would I get such a big dip where normally I would be flatlined? These are just rhetorical questions but man I hear you on these WTF moments!

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