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Community guidelines for diabetes forums

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I'm sure everyone has noticed that we're becoming a much busier and diverse forum than we were a few years back. We welcome new members into our community, realizing that we all have differing viewpoints to share. Sometimes our differences can lead to strife and conflict, which can hinder us in our main purpose, which is helping one another along our diabetic journey.


In order to keep the family feel that we've all come to expect here, we have updated our rules. We ask that members report any and all posts that violate these rules.


1) COURTESY IS EXPECTED FROM EVERYONE Our main goal is to help every diabetic live a healthier and happier life. Please do your part to make DF a safe and supportive place for everyone. We encourage you to share your experiences, but remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We expect each member to be respectful, civil and compassionate to one another.



We have many educated people here, but we are not doctors. Any change in your treatment should be discussed with your doctor. NOTHING we post should be considered medical advice.



Posts that threaten suicide or goodbye posts will be immediately deleted and the memeber will be referred to Suicide Prevention hotlines.

Posts that are considered "destructive" in any form will be deleted by the moderators.



Links to any diabetic sites/forums, as well as links containing advertising or self-promotion will be deleted. Consistent misuse of links may result in suspension of your membership to DF.

Personal blogs may be listed in your profile, but they should not show up in every post. You should not invite members to contact you via PM's or E-mail. These type of posts will be removed and offenders may be banned. If you have a question about whether a link is appropriate, please contact one of the moderators.



It is fine to share what works for you, but pushing non-traditional treatments over mainline medical advice will not be tolerated, as this falls under giving medical advice. You can mention that a particular herb/vitamin/mineral works for you, but promoting a particular brand or linking to a wholesaler is not permitted.


6) Pushing your regime on one or taking over threads to push your regime will not be tolerated. While low-carb is a popular topic, please remember that diabetes forums is not a low carb forum. Pushing your opinions on others, whether low carb/high carb/no carb will not be tolerated.



We ask that you keep your signatures a reasonable size, w/o animation or any potentially offensive posts. It's confusing when the signature line has more lines than the actual post. Keeping your signature line as brief as possible is ideal.


8) Multiple user names

We do not allow multiple user names for the same person. If you are the owner of multiple usernames, we will remove duplicates, regardless of post count, and usually without consultation with you. We will leave one username remaining.



Finally, we realize that DF is only as strong as its members, and we appreciate the time and effort spent by each member to make the boards a safe, informative and encouraging place to visit. If you have questions or comments regarding any of the above rules, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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