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Hi...My Diabetes nightmare

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I just looked up the symptoms of Pancreatitis. What you described, Arggy, fits to a T.

Check it out.


I never mentioned acute pain in my pancreas. Why are people so disconnected with the words written? Shouldn't a medical forum be about reality? If you can't add something relevant, why post. I can go to proxywhore.com and get these results. I could have been of help here but stupid ankle biters, like you have, turn me right off. Oh well. Endo appt. tomorrow.


Thanks, Jan


Acute Pancreatitis -- Painful and Hard to Miss: Johns Hopkins Health Alerts

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I am sorry you didn't like my post. No, you didn't mention pain in the pancreas. You said that you had pain radiating from front

to back; difficulty sleeping, and other things that are the same symptoms as pancreatitis. You continue to dismiss any ideas

that don't fit your self diagnosis of D1.5. We are only trying to help and you just want to be told you are right.

Calling me "stupid" was unnecessary.

Good luck with your endo appointment. But, remember, he may not tell you want you want to hear. Keep an

open mind and you might actually learn something that will help you.

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I could have been of help here


I highly doubt that.


You speak in past tense which suggests your ongoing presence here is now a thing of the past. Considering the abusive nature of your last post, let me be the first to say cya!

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It appears this thread has run it's course. Members on Diabetes Forums are here to help and support. However, diagnosis comes from your physician. If you are unhappy with your M.D., it is recommended that you find a new one who is more helpful and understanding.


I hope you get to the bottom of the pain and lack of help from your M.D. Rude posts to members who are trying to help you with the vast knowledge base that is here on the forum won't help you nor does it fit with the purpose of support on this forum.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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