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Low Carb Hunger?

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Random question. I have Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes, and therefore don't change my diet to treat the diabetes. But by chance, I was craving steak and asparagus for dinner. I don't actually know how many carbs are in asparagus, but I do know compared to what I normally eat it's definitely less than my normal dinner would contain.


So I ate a ny strip, baked, topped with butter, and asparagus with lemon juice.


It was fabulous, but I was so hungry that I ended up cooking a whole nother portion an hour later.


My BG was 126 afterwards with no insulin (awesome for me, usually in the 200s, with insulin)....but it's been two hours since I ate the second dinner, and I am starving!!


Just a random question, but do y'all eat more on LC? I usually lean more towards veganism (steak and butter are rare for me), so I fill up on lots of carbs.


Any thoughts or experiences?

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Hi mmmtat. You might add more fat - until I did that, it wasn't unusual for me to feel hungry on LC - now, I feel pretty satisfied after eating. Agree with Joan - I often add another veggie with a cheese sauce or butter, or a salad with dressing (not the low fat kind). I avoid most starches, because my bg spikes too high after eating them. Mashed or pureed cauliflower is one of my favorite things -- I add cream & butter when mashing. Tastes very much like mashed potatoes. Love steak & asparagus- yummmm! If you like them, sweet potatoes might be an option for you. LC is an adventure - your nutritional needs, however, are different with CF. I think you can still strike a balance between "good" carbs and balance that with fat & protein.

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