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Are you on a diet to lose weight?

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hi guys. i said i was going to come on more often and then i didnt. i've been so exhausted and not sleeping and eating and doing nothing. i'm at my highest weight ever 324. i've been eating crap.

i slept last night a normal amount which is very unusual for me. even my best night are usually only 4 hours. i did the bike today. i decided to stop timing my rides bc i just get anxious waiting for time to pass. i put a album on that i knew the words to and did that instead. i still only managed to do 11 mins. i am exhausted. the weight gain is killing me. first goal get under 300.

my leg is still huge. if i sleep flat half of it will drain out but as soon as im up it goes back in very quickly. 10 mins or so. i hope the bike can help it a bit to move around.

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