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Help please!

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Ok, bare with me through this long post! I am 34 weeks today. Been on best rest with contractions for almost 3 weeks. Most days they are 3min apart and range from unable to breath/talk painful to just uncomfortable. After many tests, visits to L&D and my doctors I am now basically told that at 34 weeks they are not too concerned if baby comes early. I had the steroid shots 1.5 weeks ago to boost lung development in case.


Tuesday my ultrasound showed a healthy active baby and my cervix still seemed 3.5cm (though they had noted the week before some softening and moving forward). My specialist is on vacation (of course) so I saw another high-risk OB Tuesday and her and hte nurses all sat there watching my contractions on the machine and after consulting in the hall they basically came in and said "well, we all feel very sorry for you, but really don't have anything more helpful to say" It was almost funny. Then as I left the doctor said "I'll see you next Tuesday, unless baby decides otherwise" Again, almost funny.


So I am home on modified bedrest. And I a asked for clarification as to how I know when to come in because I really don't care to keep visiting L&D with contractions when it's not labor. They said that with anyone else they would tell me I need to come in right away when contractions are 3 min apart and painful. But for me all they can say is come in if they get worse. I then explained but they often get worse, some days I get them down to every 5min then they go back to every 3 min. Some days I can talk and they are just really uncomfortable other days I am frozen in pain unable to breathe...but so far not in labor. So they were basically like...when you water breaks come in? unless they change quickly (like every 3 min for hours and hours then suddenly eveyr 2 min). So...really until baby is hanging out of my I have no way of knowing I am in labor.


Ok..almost at the point I need help! 10 nights ago I received the 2nd shot of steroids which of course send hte blood sugars soaring. I was told it typically raises sugars for 48 hours after 2nd shot. I had to put my pump to 200% basal and take extra insulin with every meal. After about 72 hours I was able to bring my basal down to 175% and normal bolus rates.


Then it just stayed there...until yesterday. So for 10full days I was taking a TON of extra insulin. Now the whole pregnancy I have been deemed "brittle" becasue we have to changes my basals and bolus rates every 2 or so days to keep on top of the numbers. So it has been 10days since we adjusted my regualr basal and bolus rates. Tuesday things started dropping I saw my nurse and we put hte pump to 150%. All of yesterday I was low and today I am really low. So I was bringing my temp basal down...and I am now at my pre-steroid levels. But I am still eating a ton of sugar to try and get my levels into the low normal range.


My guestion is...how many of you that have type 1 and have already had a baby had your sugars drop before giving birth. L&D told me that if my insulin needs are still going up then things are good but if my needs start to drop it will concern them. I know it's all messed up becasue of the steroids. But after 10 days of so much extra insulin I was thinking that may just be my new needed dose, in the least that when the steroids wear off I would need more than my pre-steroid levels. Because if I had not had the steroids I would have likely increased my basal/bolus rates 4-5 times by now.


My problem is...I don't have a clue if this is just a random thing or if it's a sign that baby might actually be coming sometime soon. And, I have no other things to prewarn us to head to L&D since my contractions really can't get any closer or more painful than they've been for weeks! i woke up so many itmes last night adn most of today from the pain of hte contractions...but I've had days like that last week (thought maybe not as bad).


I hope someone can make some sense of this LONG message!!! basically is it true that insulin needs drop before labor, if so by how much and how far in advance?


*doesn't help we got 20cm of snow last night and the plows still haven't come so we can't even drive to L&D without digging the car out a few times along the way!!! I think the main roads are fine but I've seen 3 cars in front of our house digging out where they got stuck. So, I'd just really like to know some for sure signs to help be figure out when labor has begun!!!!

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I am so sorry for all the trauma and I hope your little one arrives easily. It must be frustrating to not have any answers. I had moments in my last trimester where my insulin requirements would rise quickly and then come back down a few days later. I have not heard of the requirements specifically dropping before you are ready to deliver. Mine rose steadily until after each of my girls were born (37.5 weeks and 38.5 weeks). I assume that you have had many tests to check on your little one.


Thinking happy thoughts.

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