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34 weeks - slightly high glucose level - need advice on my diet and birth plan

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Hi all,

I'm 34 weeks + 4 days now (first pregnancy). I had GTT test 3 days ago and they called me yesterday to tell me that "GTT test showed that my glucose level is slightly higher than they expected", and "I might have gestational diabetes", and "I may need to be monitored". They didn't tell me the details of the results and just asked me to come back to hospital to see diabetes midwife in a week time.

My husband said that means my results were not too bad because if they were bad they should have asked me to go back to hospital straight away. But I'm very confused now, not knowing that whether I have diabetes or not, and what should I do while waiting to see them.


I think I should change my diet and watch out for the food that I'm taking from now until next week so that when I come back to them next week my glucose level would be better?

Do you think it would work? Any advice about the diet please?

I am now "low risk" and I expect to have water birth in midwife led centre. Would having high glucose level change this plan and I may not be able to give birth at MLC?


Thank all in advance!

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