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Post Prandial Numbers Increasing between 1 and 2 hours

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Hello Everyone,


First off, this forum has been such a help since I've been diagnosed with Type 2 a year ago! I just wanted to say thank you for all the information I've gathered from here. :)


I'm currently in my second trimester, and have been testing like crazy.


I have been measuring all of my carbs and have even calculated my carb:insulin ratios.


I currently take Humulin NPH for my basal injections and Humulog for my bolus injections.


My question: I test my post prandial numbers 1 hour after I've injected and I'm within range (less than 7.8 mmol / L). However, just for kicks lately, I've been testing my 2 hour post prandial numbers as well (normally I just do one or the other) and have been noticing an INCREASE when I should expect a DECREASE in my sugars! So by 2 hours, I should expect my sugars to be less than 6.6 mmol / L - they are often in the 8's or 9's!!! Being pregnant, this is definitely a concern.


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Should I try injecting my bolus later? Earlier? I gave my health team a call but no one has gotten back to me yet, so I figured I'd see if anyone has had any experience on here.


Thanks again for reading this!


- L

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