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I am extremely disappointed about a thread. A new member came to this site to get support from others like herself and instead she was not only not supported, but she was also pig piled on by low carbers. The question she asked was never answered. Instead there was a barrage of people trying to cram low carb down her throat. There is a low carb thread for those of you that are h*ll bent on low carb. For others that is not the case, not everyone wants to try that avenue, or maybe they are not ready for that. I do not appreciate any members pushing any way of life down anyone else's throat, you would not appreciate it being done to you. I also do not appreciate any member telling any other member new or otherwise to find another website or forum that maybe will suit their needs. I started this website to create a community of support for people with all types of diabetes, due to myself having diabetes and having no one to reach out to at the time. I hope that you all would respect that there are members on here looking for the same kind of support. There are threads open for discussion on various things. Low carb being one of them, you can discuss your low carb in that arena. A member asked a specific question and not one person could nor would give her an answer other low carb even though she specifically specified that that was not what she was looking for. This is not a low carb website,nor will it ever be!!! I expect that from now on you will keep the criteria to the designated area. I also expect that you welcome others and their ways of living with their diabetes, and support them in the proper way. If your only way of supporting them is to push your way on them, then maybe you should find another way or leave them alone so others can support them the way they should be.


I continuously see this happening and its completely disheartening. I want everyone to stick to posting certain content in their specific area. I want all new and existing members to feel welcomed and supported, I also do not want them to be directed to other websites. They came to DF for a reason, lets show them that they were right in choosing us as their home for support. If we continue to see the kind of behavior I or the moderators have been seeing I or the moderators will delete upto three posts before a three day suspension will incur. If that does not work the next step is to ban the member permanently. I would like all members to enjoy coming here to our diabetes community.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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