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Apple flax muffins

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I can't remember which thread this was mentioned in or who posted it but thanks to whoever did.


I made the apple/flax muffin /bundt cake today and it is wonderful!!! I had made the muffins before, but I like it better as a cake. I cut back on the total sweetener by 1/2 cup (powdered form) and used sour cream for my extra liquid and coconut oil. I had to melt the coconut oil and when it came in contact with the cold sour cream it solidified again, but a few minutes with the hand mixer fixed that. And it did not spike me.


I want more flax meal recipes! This has more of the texture and feel of "real bread" than using almond meal and is quicker to satisfy a craving than the almond meal breads for me.


I would like to try this with banana and zucchini, too. Haven't tried a banana bread recipe yet because am not sure what the banana would do to my blood sugar.

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I haven't made it with zucchini or banana. (I don't eat banana at all.) I have used grated carrot though and it was nice. With the carrot one I added more spices to make it more like a spice cake with carrot. Good! So I'm sure othe veggies or fruit would be good. I have also make it without any fruit or veggie at all and it was good. I'm thinking how about pumpkin............


I mentioned this recipe recently, I think, but anyway it is one of my favourites.

Sorry if I repeat myself.


Focaccia Flax Seed bread:


Flax Bread Recipe - Low-Carb Focaccia-Style Flax Bread

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