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Update # 4 - Still in Remission

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Fellow Diabetics - I did my A1C test last Friday afternoon and it was, (insert drum roll here) a comfortable 5.3 and w/o meds. This puts me back in to the normal category and I believe illustrates the value of diet, exercise, and weight (DEW). No expensive books, tapes, on-line time, or special foods required and best of all it's free. As you can see by my status, I live in a 'developing' African country and so don't have access to the latest diabetic news or trends. In fact, somedays I don't even have water or electricty but I do have commitment.


That said, I tried a couple new things that may be making a difference and so let me share some of what I have learned along the way.


New Initiatives

a. Lots of unsalted nuts—especially peanuts

b. No more oatmeal—I was eating 2/3 cup of steel cut once or twice a week for breakfast

c. Lots of Blueberries—eat them fresh.

d. Fewer Strawberries

e. Natural Honey—I’m going to add in natural honey as per Runner’s World magazine it’s supposed to be good for blood sugar.

f. Dark Bread—I ate two slices of dark bread in July and it didn’t appear to impact me in a negative way. Perhaps I can get over my fear of bread someday (smiles).


Dietary Restrictions

a. Absolutely no rice, pasta, potatoes, white bread, pastries, chocolate, anything sugary, or simple carbs.

b. No sports drinks

c. No sports bars

d. No Chips of any kind


Myths & Legends [Debunked]

a. Natural sugar stabilizers—these supposed natural remedies didn’t have any impact, either way, on my body. That said, I will continue to take cinnamon once-in-a-while until the next test to see if it has contributed. I threw away all the other stuff months ago and don’t recommend that anyone buy them.

b. I drink black coffee—always have and thankfully it appears to have no impact on my A1C.

c. Yes, you can have some beers but stay away from the sugary alcohol.

d. Two eggs each on Saturday and Sunday—they are supposed to be good for runners (I'm a runner), and according to more and more reports their bad reputation is undeserved.

e. Eat onions and tomatoes—they are good for your heart and have lots of health benefits.

f. Eat Guacamole—a super food but limit yourself to one/day and leave the mayonnaise out.


Anway folks, I hope that my life example helps you and keep at it. There are no shortcuts, only hard work and a lifetime commitment. I'm still convinced that a fix is out there somewhere and it will be a 'daaa' moment when the researchers make the discovery.


Stay strong.

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Congratulations on gaining and sustaining control. Your recommendations are all valid. Persistence is the secret and you have proven it. Continue with the same commitment as it is lifelong. Well done!

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Sounds like you're on top of it and I know from personal experience weight affects insulin resistance a lot. Last year over the holiday season (Thanksgiving to Easter, lol) I gained 30 pounds thinking I was in remission (my A1C was 5.1), but then it crept up to 5.4. I lost 20 of those pounds and went back down to 5.3 and expect my October A1C to be 5.2 or less as I have lost all but a few of those final pounds and returned to my lower carb diet. I would caution thinking of being in remission and not minding carbs as much. I was splurging a little more than I should have during that holiday time thinking I was "normal", but normal would be eating all that rice, pasta and starchy veggies you gave up and still maintain an A1C of 5.3 or less.

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