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Need ideas for camping with D. I'm low carb, under 40 per day.


Going camping with my Girl Scouts this weekend. They opted to make food prep and clean up easy by going with easy to prepare, just add hot water type meals. Oatmeal for breakfast, pbj for lunch, frozen pancakes for breakfast the next morning. ETc. The one dinner we are eating at the campsite is chicken, veggies and potatoes in foil packets so I'm ok there.


Bacon and eggs cooked over an open fire is out. Grilling steak on a bbq is out. Just looking for quick ideas for breakfast- lunch- snacks that require little prep time, NO dishes, NO clean up.

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Same as I posted on the "lose weight" thread.


Beef jerky, cheese sticks are good to have if you are hungry and nothing else works out. I would definitely take a bag of salad and some dressing (or small container of vinegar & oil - or some stores have individual containers of dressing)or even portion it out in baggies and eat it out of the baggie (no fuss no dishes no cleanup), it won't be so warm it would spoil, or you could have a small bag with icepack. Use the bag to put pre-cooked sausage with some mustard and carry a fork & knife. Have a good time.

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Bfast: protein shake, I like EAS Carb Advantedge or Atkins

Lunch: Canned tuna or salmon, lunch meat wrapped in low-carb wrap or in lettuce, cheese, pork rinds, pickles, cheese, s/f jello or pudding (the ones not requiring refrigeration if that's an issue).


Have a great camping trip....not having the s'mores would likely push me over the edge (though having the s'mores would do the same thing), LOL.

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Check out Emerald Dark Chocolate Cocoa Roasted Almonds and take a few along to console yourself for the s'mores. They come in 100 calorie packs if you need help restraining yourself. I know I do. If I'm not careful I'll eat the whole jar!


Another company, I don't remember which one, makes coffee roasted almonds in different flavors that are pretty good.


Have fun!

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When hiking (pre dx) I used take a bag of chopped up vegetables, and crushed oat or soy flakes, and a heatproof bowl thing with a lid - add ingredients, boiling water, then drain it off.

Maybe the same thing would work for making cauliflower rice (with pre-mushed up cauliflower)?

Added benefit is that your pack gets smaller every day as you eat!


Add a tin of tuna (we used to have one with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives .... yuuuummmm) or even maybe like dried sausage and dinner is done?


I once saw a Japanese lady who had premade and bottled everything - every meal she pulled out three or more little glass jars and a little gas burner and had a feast. It smelt amazing, but it must have been soooooo heavy. And a bit greasy... no washing up liquid out there!

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Hard boiled eggs keep nicely in a cooler. Pre cooked bacon warmed would be nice with coffee. Ham and cheese roll ups, salami and cream cheese and peppers rolled up all keep great in a cooler. Fresh berries cut up with nuts and cool whip.


Personally, I would just make what I normally eat ahead of time and pack them in baggies or Tupperware.


Enjoy your camping!

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How did it go?  I'm late to the thread, but this is a topic close to my heart.  I camp with my family a couple times each summer, and I'm the one planning the meals so it's pretty easy.  We tent camp, so this wouldn't necessarily work for backpacking.




I make stew or chili ahead of time and pack it in a Ziploc bag.  Just heat and eat. This is especially nice on set-up night (usually Friday) when we've been traveling all day and just set up camp and are too tired to do any real cooking)


Shish kebabs are fun.  Marinate the meat in Ziploc bag and bring it with.  Then add veggies and meat to skewer and grill.


Hotdogs, bratwurst, hamburgers and the like are easy, too. 


"meat and mud" is one of our dinner staples.  Ground beef, bacon, onion, fried together, then drippings made into gravy wiht flour (only a tablespoon, so it's not too carby for me).  Served as is for me, over noodles for husband.


Another ground beef easy dish is "crack slaw" -- ground beef and onion fried together, drained a bit, then add a bag of shredded cabbage. 




I usually cook my breakfasts:  Eggs, sausage links, bacon.  We take pancake fixings for husband/daughter.  I might have one, smeared with peanut butter and sugar-free syrup, along with eggs and sausage for protein (even when I eat moderate carbs, I don't eat them without protein)


Or I make Scotch eggs ahead of time (bulk sausage formed around hard-cooked eggs, then baked) and eaten cold with mustard. 


Coffee w/cream (I get the pint cream with a side twist cap, so it doesn't leak into the cooler)


Cottage cheese (with cream added if I want more calories)




Lunch meat and cheese.  (on bread for husband, just rolled together for me)


Hot dogs or brats


more veggies with dip, pickles, pork rinds (chips for family)




cut-up veggies and a tub of cheese spread (like Rondele) or hummus (if I'm moderate rather than low-carb that year)




pork rinds and dip


pepperoni and cream cheese (I've addicted my husband to this snack, too!)

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