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Type 1 Diabetes Prognosis

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Hey all, new to the forum and just have a few questions about my sons' recent "prognosis" of Type 1 Diabetes.


Starting around 6 weeks ago my son who is 4 years old was experiencing uncontrolled urination (wetting his pants) and has been potty trained for a few years now. We thought maybe it was just a phase but no matter what we did it continued. Finally around 3 weeks ago, he was really lethargic and was not eating much, so we decided to take him to the insta-care. We thought it could have been a UTI or some sort of bladder infection, but upon doing a urine test we were informed there was sugar in his urine which indicated he could have diabetes. From there they had us load him up on sugar and bring him back to give him a blood test. The test came back somewhere in the low 200's which, after consulting with an endocrinologist, they said gave us a stronger indication that he did in fact have Type 1 Diabetes and that we needed to go to the hospital.


The following day they admitted us to our local children's hospital for 48 hrs. They conducted a few tests but more so focused on education for my wife and I on how to care for our son. They did his A1C which came back as "normal" for someone at his age and submitted a test for what I believe was called "autoantibody". A few days later I called our Endocrinologist and he confirmed the test came back NEGATIVE. He explained that almost all individuals that DO in fact have T1D come back with a POSITIVE result on the AAB tests.


So now the doctor is second guessing the prognosis and has asked us to continue testing his glucose levels 1 hour after eating each day and to follow up later this week. We have been doing so for the last 2 weeks and have been averaging around 100 each time. Sorry for the long explanation, but has anyone else experienced such a thing? Do you think he was mis-diagnosed? Any feedback or suggestions would most appreciated!


Thanks so much!


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Between sugar in urine, a high glucose test, and his age, the odds are pretty good he has type 1. Often the docs over think things. Since his glucose was "only" 200, he is probably in the very early stages. I have read in a number of places that the antibody tests are not 100% reliable. It can be a stop/start sort of thing and it doesn't always show up and not everyone shows positive. The trick now will be to continue to test (fasting and post meal) and monitor how he is doing. I would especially do this when he is thirsty or has to pee a lot.


I remember someone on another board who took quite a long time to finally get the diagnosis. Don't worry too much though. He may be uncomfortable for a while, but eventually whatever is up, will be diagnosed and properly treated. he will be fine.

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