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What's your last A1C?

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It took me a while to find one of these tests, but here is the same type of test that my mom used years ago.  It doesn't state how the test is done, but from reading some of the reviews, it sounds like the same test that my mom did years ago.  When you get the test, it gives you a lancing device, and in my mom's case, a card that has two open spots on it.  You use the lancing device to prick your finger, then you place a large drop of blood on each on the two open spots.  You then place the card into the enclosed envelope, and send it in to the company.  They will then send you back the results of the test.  This type of test proved to be very accurate, but I don't know if this is the same test.  I got the test from Wal-Mart many years ago, and it was only $10.  Considering that this costs a lot more, I'm sure that it's not the same brand of test, but that doesn't mean that it's not accurate.  Has anyone here used this type of test?

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Even though it may not jive with your lab, you can still use the home test to see where you are.  The next time you go have lab results, use the at home test and compare. 

I took the home test today, just to see what is going on.  I would expect my A1c to by higher than typical.  A lot of stress, funerals, moves and I haven’t been exercising as I normally do.  As I said the last home test was 4.6 todays home test was 4.9 as expected. Now I have never had a lab test lower than 5.6

So I would expect my lab tests might push or exceed 6.0 (ugh). Something I have not done 9 years.  Oh well.  

There are lots of variables with both at home and lab testing.  But at least the two sets of test seem to be consistently different. 

I have been well controlled for 9 years, but still use the labe test twice a year.  Although I am allowed a lab test every three months. 


CVS test kit.  They all seem to be the same now. 



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5.3 here


Disappointing though I knew it was going to be higher based on my meter readings.

Still in acceptable range though.

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5.9.  Since this last year has been very stressful and eating patterns have been off. I was surprised at the result, as the last three have been at 5.9

My lowest everis 5.6.  Diet and exercise only no medications.  I was expective and jump, glad it did not. 

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