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What's your last A1C?

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Actually with the computerized online systems, I receive more info from my doctor appointments than I have ever seen before.  In some cases, I've even been able to look at doctors notes from our appointments.


Before this, if I wanted to see test results, Id have to specifically request the doctor office to mail them to me.  That almost never happened because at the time I didn't think there was a need to know.  I've learned a lot since those days.

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19 hours ago, dowling gram said:

I don't go to a hospital . They always have a line up of people who had appointments at the hospital. I go to a Lifelab clinic. I call ahead and make an appointment so it only takes a few minutes no matter how many people are waiting without an appointment. It's first come first served unless you've made an appointment. I can get the results from my doctor if I want to wait or I can get them on line in a couple of days unless it takes more time to get the results. In that case I will get a results pending until the results are in.


I sincerely hope we never go to the computerized system you have. Why does the medical profession always want to cut the patient out of the right to know. It's our bodies and our lives. Who has a better right to know. We are the ones who suffer if the doctor is not on the ball and I for one will always fight for the right to know everything about my health


Yes, we have those clinics here also.  In this area, there are many doctors, clinics and hospitals that are part of a large medical group, so all of their health records are shared, making it easy for them (and me) to see what tests I have had done, what medications I'm taking, and any health issues that I have.  It saves everybody a lot of time, since in the past, the doctor or hospital had to send paper records to each facility.


I could go to one of those clinics to have my blood work done, since they are all part of the same medical group, but all they would do would be to draw the blood, then send it to the hospital that I go to, so I figured, why not just go to the hospital where the lab is and eliminate the middle man?  Plus, I'm usually fasting when I have the blood drawn, and once I'm finished with that, I can go down to their cafeteria and get something to eat.  Another aspect is that, I never know when I'm going to have the blood drawn.  I'll get up, decide that I've been fasting long enough, so I'll take a shower and go to the hospital.  Sometimes I'll change my mind and decide to go another day.  I typically want to have the blood work done 10 days before my next doctor's appointment, so that I can go over the results before I see my doctor.  There have also been times when I needed to stop into our HEARS (Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service) room at the hospital, and drop off something, or check on some piece of equipment that we might have been having problems with.

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Thrown for a loop, it went from 5.4 to 6.0, the only difference is I've been fighting a gastro-intestinal illness that left me with IBS symptoms. My LPN thinks that may be the reason and her solution ..................... yup, take more Metformin and eat more carbs. When I told her eating more carbs will not lower my A1C she referred me to their dietitian because I may be eating the wrong carbs which I'm not eating many at all to begin with.

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