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ODD Lab Results

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So I was Diagnosed as a Type 2 almost 4 years ago


Recently my BGL were out of control...


We doubled the metformin, added januvia which we then changed to tradjenta as januvia was making me vomit.


But still only able to bring my a1c to 9.1


So I fought with my Doctor and demanded a C-Peptide and GAD65 test.


C-Peptide (non fasting, 2 hours pp) was 2.2

GAD65 >30


We have added lantus and I am up to 24 units at bedtime... but still doesn't seem to be doing any significant lowering. Maybe an average Fasting is down to 130 or so before dinner, but when I eat a meal with say less than 8g of carbs I shoot up into the 200's...


Could I be this unlucky... an insulin resistant + LADA?????


The CPeptide wasn't exactly low.... but there is GAD65 Positive.

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