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Planning Pregnancy.. med questions

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My A1c was 10 and now after 3 months I got it down to 6. We will be doing an IVF cycle soon.

I was on Janumet which is Januvia and Metformin but my Fertility doc wanted me off of the Januvia because it is not good during pregnancy.

But now my morning numbers have gone from the 115-120 range to the 130s. Do you think I should start a night time insulin to get my morning numbers lower?

My numbers during the day and after meals are better 110-120. Is there another safe med that I can ask about?

I am already eating lower carb and running at least 3 times a week and walking on the other days.


Thank you for your help.



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Many times when you become pregnant they will put you on some insulin because they want your bgs fairly low. Talk to your doctor about some long acting insulin. I think metformin is safe for pregnancy.

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