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How low is too low?

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Hi! Firstly, I would like to take my hat off to all you ladies who are or who have been pregnant - I am lucky enough to work from home, and i am finding it really hard even with my flexible schedule - you gals are amazing!


I am managing to get an average of 94 now, eating really slowly, walking after (sometimes during) eating, and a low carb diet - but i now end up more often than not cruising around the 60's and 70's with the odd 40-ish thrown in for fun. :o)


My diabetic nurse reduced my insulin factors, but then i immediately spiked to 159, and 180 after food - which was not happening before, so i have put the numbers back up - but now it seems to be a little too strong...

Did anyone have any problems with lower numbers? I have read that it can cause problems in the developing brain... is that actually true or only internet true?

If the low numbers only hurt me, then i would rather be lower rather than higher... it's always nice to have an excuse to drink some juice or eat some fruit!


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ant hill

Hello Sobriquet,

First of all Congrats!!!! :D, I would look at getting your Endo looking at you than the Nurse as they know very little about Diabetes other than diet, Umm not even that. :confused::rolleyes:

There's one here who has had Pregnancy and had the baby a natural berth as I would talk to Kelly (K_Dub) and talk about yourself. She is a Doctor and know what to look for in your situation.


Me, I am a mere Male who has had this disease now for the last 42 years of Type 1 in Australia. :)

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Lizzie G

Hi sobriquet


It's extremely unlikely that lows would cause an issue with a developing foetus, high blood sugars are by far the bigger problem. That said if you are having lows that put you in danger them of course your baby is in danger too, so just use common sense.


In my first pregnancy (I have two boys, Sam aged almost 3, and James aged 3 months) in the early days I remember having some lows that came on quite suddenly and unexpectedly and required more to treat than I was used to: just keep a good supply of fast acting carbs and medium acting snacks too.


As you will discover during pregnancy it is way easier to run on the lower side and correct upwards (as long as you have decent hypo awareness) than to be correcting down as you just end up hungry and unable to eat.


I also always recommend to people that unless they can't manage it for whatever reason, it is best to be in the driving seat in terms of adjusting your insulin. Listen to other peoples opinions and thoughts, sure, but do it your way, unless it's not working. Iv always been autonomous in my diabetes management and kept my a1c below 6% throughout both pregnancies without eliminating anything from my diet . There's no way my control would have been so good had I followed the guidance of a nurse and I'm sure my diet would have been miserable had I seen a nutritionist!

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