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Moderating threads/posts

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We've had some unhappy comments lately about how particular thread/posts are being "edited/moderated."  I took the liberty of "hiding" the thread, as this is something that should be handled privately.  If you don't agree with how a post of yours has been moderated, you have the option of contacting Tony or one of the moderators and requesting that your post be deleted.


As moderators, we are certainly used to be questioned and criticized about how we do things, as this just comes with the territory. Anytime any forum member has a question about something we've moderated, we ask that you give us the courtesy of a private message rather than starting a thread. Whenever a thread of this type is started, it generally turns into a "villagers with pitchforks" type scenario with many jumping on board to add their 2 cents worth, which is quite disrespectful to all of us who are simply doing the job we were put here to do.


As moderators, we are not paid employees, rather we are long-time forum members ourselves, and we value the contributions of all our members and learn a lot from all of you.  We also have "rules of moderating" that we are to follow, just as we have forum rules that posters are to follow.  We try to interfere very little with the day-to-day running of the forum, preferring to spend our time ridding the forum of love potions ,voodoo and cheap Viagra or Nikes and the like. 


As far as moderating goes, we actually let many things slide on a daily basis. If you doubt this, please take close look at forum rules, esp. those under the "spam" category, and you'll see how many things we could delete every day if we followed the rules to the letter.  I don't think the average forum member realizes all that could be considered spam, esp. the posts that have only 3-4 words or that consist of mostly emoticons and those who say "Mary where are you?"   


Finally, we are people first, moderators second.  We have feelings, and being publically "called out," bullied or disrespected by our forum family for simply doing our job is something we shouldn't have to tolerate.  Got a problem, take it to private message.  If it can't be resolved, take it to Tony, as he has final say about everything.  Posts that are "inflammatory," will be deleted, and could result in a "time out," as this is obviously against forum rules.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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