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How come he can but I can't?

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I am extremely upset with what happened on the forum today.  Normally I would address this in a pm, however I think this needs to be addressed in the public arena for various reasons. 


There was a plethora of DRAMA started by Bountyman for all to see today!!! It was childish and extremely disrespectful to not only me and the moderators but to all the other forum members.  If someone has a problem with the way things are being handled they can go to a moderator or they can come to myself.  The amount of disrespect shows that you don’t care for your fellow forum family.  Nor do you even care to be a member here.  If I’m not mistaken Bountyman has a forum of his own and I am just curious as to how he would feel if I made a mockery on his public forum, or maybe his forum has no rules.  


This forum has rules for a reason and yes sometimes a judgment call has to be made regarding what is allowed to stand and what is not.  There are no favorites being played here, this is not a playground.  There is software on the forum that does most of the editing so that the moderators can manage more important things like greeting new members and making them feel comfortable here so that others aren’t running them off the roads of the forum.  They also handle spam and hackers. Unfortunately sometimes the software doesn’t pick up on things right away, but again this is not a playground so there for adults should not be behaving like children with the tattle tailing.  The moderators should in no way have to police and discipline adults, especially members that know better and have been here for a long time.  Some members may not like it, but that in no way gives anyone the right to create havoc and go into a rampage of disrespect all over a forum that was put here for the benefits of others. 


I myself read slickstretch’s post and was baffled by how powerful it was.  If you have a story to tell of that magnitude that can benefit and teach then yes you as well can get “AWAY” with a onetime arbitrary term with no questions asked.  It’s the constant unimportant use of foul content that gets disciplined.  I am speaking for the moderators and myself when I say that this Youngman’s post can have a huge impact mentally, emotionally, and most definitely physically on anyone from newly diagnosed to sick of dealing.  You as a fellow member should be proud and supportive of this fellow member instead of trying to “tattle tale” on him for using a word that you were once disciplined for using in a completely different context. 


If you feel that you cannot handle forum rules and a little forum discipline then don’t dish out disrespect!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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