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Supp, homie? (Supplements)

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Multi-vitamin - seems prudent

Magnesium - keeps me on the reg

Vitamin D3  - tested low

Branch Chain Amino Acids for fasted workouts

Tried cinnamon for a while and then went off - does seem to have made a difference in BG levels, so I'll probably pick up some next time I'm in the vitamin section.  

Protein powder - cost effective way to get sufficient protein.

About 5 lbs away from goal - will probably add creatine at that point to help build back some lean muscle I lost over last year.  

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A good book by Suzy Cohen "Drug Muggers" is a book about how certain medications rob us or effect our system.  Check it out :)  Of course, if you are fortunate to have gotten through life without medications for various conditions, probably no need, but it is a good book for the reference library.

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