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IUI and Clomid

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I'm interested to hear what others experience has been with IUI and taking Clomid while T1. I have a T1 friend whose doctor wouldn't even put her on Clomid because of the chance of multiples. I did one IUI cycle naturally without any meds and it hasn't worked, we have two more to do (because of insurance) and I keep debating if I want to try Clomid or not. My understanding is it's most helpful for people who don't ovulate at all. I ovulate and my cycles are extremely regular. I've been using ovulation kits for over six months and I have the timing nailed down. The doc thinks It would help me "super ovulate", which to me means release multiple eggs. I don't want a multiples pregnancy ( i mean if one happened naturally, fine, but I don't want to make choices that cause that to happen). I worry about the short and long term side effects of Clomid as well. 

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