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Dealing With High Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

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Hi Everyone! I'm a newish member, been lurking for a while, but this is my first post. I have been a T1D for 5 years, and my current A1c is 5.4 (we'll see how that changes, as I got blood work yesterday...)


I was wondering if anyone would like to share their tips and tricks with dealing with high blood sugar during pregnancy. I'm currently 23 weeks, and kind of all of a sudden my BG numbers are way higher than they have been. I woke up yesterday with a BG of 140. I bolused for breakfast (which is only a 20g carb protein shake) and 2 hours later, it hadn't budged at all, still hanging at 140.  I didn't eat a morning snack and corrected the 140, and just let the number come down. Since then, my numbers have just been staying high at the 2 hour post meal check. And again this morning my BG was high at 130.  I saw my High Risk doctor yesterday and he increased my insulin by 20%.  I know it's normal for this to happen during pregnancy, I'm just wondering what you all have done about it to keep them lower? Also, just for background info, my sugars completely flat line during the night and remain in excellent range until I wake up and get ready for the day. (which may have to do with my thyroid function, and the small amount of Synthroid I take in the am).


Also, those of you who are pump wearers. How did you deal with going through infusion sets and cartridges every 2 days? Did you counter any bolusing with an insulin pen or shots? I'm only assuming since I'm only 23 weeks, that by my third trimester I'm going to be changing these sets alot.. which is annoying and expensive...


On a side note.. has anyone noticed if they started seeing High BG numbers that it meant they were getting sick? The doc asked me that yesterday and if I felt ok... I did yesterday, but don't feel so hot today.


Diabetes during pregnancy is awesome.... :-/


Thanks in advance for your help!  I see my endocrin next week, and I'm hoping to discuss my options with her.



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Before my legs were filled with water making walking difficult (around 6.5 months), I did a lot of running immediately before or after a meal during pregnancy to bring my sugars down quickly.

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