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A few more carbs can be helpful (T2)

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Thought I'd share a lesson I've learned. This is my personal experience and YMMV. 


For some time, I figured good bg control had much to do with lowering the number of carbs in my diet. Eventually I was down to just a few carbs/day and I wasn't getting the results I wanted.


To make a long story short, I upped the carbs in my diet to around 30 or 40/day. And hey, my readings got much better! 


What was going on, I think, is that my extremely low carb diet caused liver dumps. (That's my working theory, anyway.) I was also very sensitive to protein. Now that I've upped my carbs, I can enjoy the occasional big steak :)



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I find I do best somewhere between 30-50 a day. I also do some carb shifting. On one day I will do super low carbs but do higher the next. this way you trick your metabolism.

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Yup. Excellent comments.


One needs to ensure sufficient carbs when liver control and signalling is poor or insulin levels running lo low.


I was there as well and it turns out wise to ensure sufficient carbs in a meal to keep liver in the barn.


Low carb yes but not so low that you are depending on liver for underrun or you have a second riot on

your deck.


This point is not made clear when configuring low carb diets. If everything is running right, then no


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