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High levels in first couple weeks

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Hi everyone,


I don't know if I am pregnant or not. I'm in that first 2 weeks phase. I've worked extremely hard to keep my sugars balanced over the past 2 months. My A1C was 6.8 a few months ago, and I'm positive it has gone down since then, simply based on my 2 week average, which I've gotten down a few units.


I am not concerned about A1C, what I am concerned about is the impact that few high blood sugars throughout the week will have on development. If, in the first 2 weeks I have a few readings of 13-14 mmol/l, is there cause for concern? Or is there room to have a few slip ups? For the most part my sugars are between 4 and 8 mmol/l, but I've had one or two higher levels (mostly upon waking up).


Again, I don't know that I am pregnant, but I am panicky about not being in perfect range at this stage. And panicking seems to make my sugars worst! Can someone share their experiences with me?

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Normally, my doctors says, that your bg goes down if you're pregnant, for many, it is one of the first signs...

Having said that, mine went up, and i needed more insulin to keep it down.


My doctor also said that a spike should be avoided if you can, but if it does go up, just take action to bring it back down (go for a walk, take more insulin), and keep focused on the overall picture, rather than freaking out about the one high you're facing right now. She didn't say that high blood sugar is fine, but she did say that a brief increase (ie less than a few hours) is not the end of the world, the main thing is to keep calm and manage the situation you're facing as quickly and intelligently as possible (ie, don't take buckets of insulin that will only cause a low, and then you've got a rebound high, etc - keep calm and take it carefully).


Others on here can give you better advice than me, but i found that keeping the carbs down, giving my insulin plenty of time to work before eating, and eating slowly really helped keep the levels... level. You might need to look at your basal if you are waking up that high though...


Fingers crossed for you!!

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