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Diebetics and IVF

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Hi Friend .


Can you please help me understand few things ?


I am having diabetics at range of 7.0 since 2010 and started medication from 2014 .

I got very good result for siement anlysis and other reports for myself . My wife reports was not good and on advice of doctor we went with DONOR EGGS .

We have done IVF and its fail. :-( :-(

when we ask doctor for the reason ,they were not able to explain clearly why its fail .

they say there might be couple of reasons one could be because of diabeties ( husband) .


Just want to know if Husband is having diabetic(in range of 7.0) and wife is going with Healthy egg ,will it cause of fail IVF.

What is chance for 2nd attempt .

what is rate of succes in this case .


Thanks for reading .


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We are also currently going through the whole 'trying to get pregnant' thing - it is not fun.

Just to check - i understand that you (the husband) have diabetes, and your wife does not?


If the husband has diabetes, it may affect the chances of actually getting pregnant, but not necessarily the chances of a healthy pregnancy. IVF and insemination involve a process of sorting the semen, and they only take the best ones. IVF actually implants a fertilised egg into your wife's uterus, so to a certain extent the husband's work is done by that stage. However, it is in your best interests to produce the healthiest sperm you can by keeping your blood sugar down, and keeping healthy.


You will need to ask the IVF centre for their rates of success - it changes from place to place, and factors such as age, general health, etc all make a difference. For a woman in her mid-20's to mid-30's the chances are quite good. Once the woman is past 35 it starts to change, and by 40 the chances are very low. Unfortunately, also, as everyone is different, the figures are only an indication, not an absolute.


Sometimes, for seemingly no reason, a pregnancy just won't work - i have lost three, for no reason that the doctors can find, except my age - and they have tested EVERYTHING. The centre should have already tested her blood values - thyroid, hormones, and done a chromosonal match for the pair of you. She may also need to have a hysteroscopy to make sure that inside the uterus is ok. But normally that is only carried out after 3 miscarriages or more.


All you can do is be there for your wife (and her for you), and keep trying. Many women experience one or two miscarriages only to have a very healthy baby at the end.


But talk to the people at the IVF centre, they are in the best position to inform you properly.

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