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Just joined, need sites with good info on pump

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I have a 15 year old daughter who has been on the Paradigm pump for over a year now and I think it's way past time we start making use of some of the more advanced features. She was supposed to be the one to do this research and experimenting as she likes the idea if not the reality of her being responsible for her diabetes care, but it ain't happening and it needs to so here I am.


Besides diabetes she suffers from a sleep disorder (restless legs syndrome w/periodic limb movement disorder as well as delayed sleep onset syndrome) and severe anxiety which has led us to homeschool her (not very effectively at this time either). If she attends school, she gets sick within a couple of weeks and ends up not being able to attend over 50% of the time. She's had the sleep disorder all her life, but it went into overdrive when she got hit with the diabetes.


Anyway, it's a complicated picture and our focus right now is attempting to get some sort of decent schedule going again (it got all screwed up due to a year of being on an anti-anxiety drug that aggravated her rls--it was choosing the lesser of two evils, since she seems to have moved past the worst of the anxiety we have now pulled her off of that).


I was hoping that someone here could point me to a good site or two that explains the why, when and how of using the various types of boluses as well as working with basal rates on unusual schedules.


And if you have any other ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. This is her third year of diabetes and after the first year of intensive education for the family and hands on involvement, we shifted gears to dealing with other life crises (a move, her elder brother's wedding and new baby, her crippling anxiety and now her sleep disorder where gettin up at 10 is considered an early day) but I realize we are not likely to control the sleep disorder until we get a better handle on the diabetes so it's time to update my education on this.


Her last A1c was 8.1


Her attitude right now is that she feels so crappy she doesn't see why she should be required to do anything but things that distract her. Telling her that if she wants to get feeling better she's going to have to grit her teeth sometime and do unpleasant things (like test more often) just brings the tears and anger.


I kept hoping that this would disappear after puberty, but either it hasn't or puberty is still going (a possibility as it started late for her). So far it's still us imposing goals on her with a lot of resistance. We've tried to work on reward systems for her, but it takes wading through a ton of emotions to get to that point and it really wears me down (I have chronic health problems myself so basically what energy I have is completely given over to her care these days).


Long enough for a first post, looking forward to hearing from others

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