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Hormone Replacement

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ant hill


Yeah, I mentioned that the feelings are something I have become quite accustomed to with regards to what my sugar is like. (Mentioned it in my Greetings post). I have, after 24 years, learnt to listen to my body a lot. When it does not feel good, here come the strips. We all have our bad days there.

Yes Antharias, You have some idea of what this disease can do to your body as Low's are a Bitch to deal with. Think like that you are on a wire as you have no choice to walk within it.


Yes, I suspect the initial month or so, while my body becomes accustomed to it, will be rather difficult but with the exercise, I should be able to keep it under control. The strict diet that I will have to go on will be essential as well. The last thing I want to do is become overweight.

To Low Carb can be difficult as it works with T2's as T1's we have very little control with the insulin that we inject. T2's have some Natural Regulation to the body's control with Glucose. So I would look quite closely to your Insulin to Carbohydrate Ratio or I:C and work with small amounts of Carbs. Look at it as the higher you fly, The harder you will fall analogy. I.E. the small amount's small mistakes. ;):) Also with your Exercise, Take with you some Fast Carbs as from nowhere you can get insulin to act again. I would think you know this already.

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Just remember that not all women wear markup and not all women like to shop, we each find what is comfortable for us and you will also over time find what is comfortable for you.


Yeah, I know. It was just a comment, not meant as anything serious. The same can be said for men and what they prefer.


Ant hill, I know what you mean by the small changes. It is not an easy thing to control sugar levels in general and daily we have to watch ourselves. 


After Saturday I can give you all a full breakdown of what exactly happens to the body with the changes and I will put all the information up here for anybody in the future.   :)


I want this topic to be one where people can get all the information they need and if anybody else has any questions, I will gladly answer with what I know.

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