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High BS and 29 weeks- possible infusion set problem??

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Hi everyone!


I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby and my last a1c was 7.8 and I am on a MedTronic insulin pump.


In my first trimester, my body seemed to be more sensitive to insulin, but since I have been in my second and third trimester, it's gotten harder and harder. I've adjusted my basal rates at least 6-8 times and it hasn't made a difference. I've tried using a new bottle of insulin and changing my sites, but still no improvement.


My question is- I used to use my stomach as my infusion site exclusively, and even now I have it on the side of the baby bump closer to my side, has anyone had problems with their BS's as a result of their infusion site on their tummy? My endo always told me the most consistent place is the tummy because you won't be using those muscles as much as you would with your butt or thigh muscles during the day. But now I am wondering if that is why there's no change. I woke up with a fasting of 173 and took 2 units of insulin, only to check it an hour later and it was 177!! I've taken a ridiculous amount that would usually bottom me out, but it hasn't made a dent and sugar is still high (200+)!


Please help!!


Thank you!



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