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I'm freaking out and feel alone.

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I'm the same boat Sarah. I'm trying to figure all this out too. I've notice blogs and threads like this help build strength, that we can do this. I've been reading lots of responses and it's helping me cope and hopefully take the bull by the horns. It's all really new, I learning that it takes time for our bodies to adjust and takes some time for our organs to get back to a new norm.


Praying for you!

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Manny Welcome to the forums. Please dont be overwhelmed by this diagnosis, just take one small step at a time to take control of your body .


Ive felt better since dx then i had for years before & that was simply by eating the foods that my body could tolerate.

Some people can eat something like sweet potato yet I cant. Its a blood glucose meter that will give you the best guidance of what foods agree with you & what doesnt.


If you can get a BG meter & strips & test  your blood glucose before a meal & 2 hrs afterwards

Take note of what you had in that meal .At first try to keep that reading under 7 or 126 ( 7x18=126 ) & you can fine tune it as time goes by.


Avoid high carb foods like bread, cereal, potato, fruit & juices..cookies candy etc.

Dont worry about the higher fat & dont avoid it. Most here do very well on a high fat low carb diet

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Hi Manny!  Welcome to the forums.  There is a lot of information to learn when dealing with diabetes, but you just need to take it in a little at a time, so it doesn't overwhelm you.  Two things that you should keep in mind....if you had to develop a disease, diabetes would be the one to develop, because, YOU control it, not the doctor.  Your food choices and your exercise routine are what contribute the most to controlling diabetes.  Second, you found this forum....this is the best place to come, for helping you to deal with it, because we have all been where you're at right now, and we can help you through it, just like we were helped through it by the other people here.


Diabetes is not a death sentence, it's just something that you need to adapt to, and to be honest, adapting to it by changing your diet and exercising, makes you healthier than you were before you developed it.  If you have questions, feel free to ask them....that's what we are here for.

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I was diagnosed in January and the people here taught me diabetes can be managed and lived with.


I hope you will become a member of our community.

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