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bolus timing vs. dose

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I'm using Novolin R. Maybe I should go back to Novalog, but let's set that aside for now.


When I take a shot, it takes about two hours for the R to kick in. When I take a bigger than usual shot, it seems to kick in faster. 


For example, just measured my BG and it was 115. Plus I wanted to have a protein bar for lunch, another 9 carbs. I use 1:2 for both ratios (that usually nails it). I wanted to correct down to 90, plus account for the 9 carbs. So that's (25 + 9)/2 = 17.


I took the 17u injection, which is a bit more insulin than I usually take, and it hit in 30 minutes.


No big deal, I simply ate the protein bar and it's all good. No lows, etc. My concern, though, is that the amount of time it takes insulin to take effect seems to change based on the amount of insulin I take.


Has anybody else had this experience? And if so, any insight?


(Next post, perhaps: dosing for sun spots, odd days of the month that are divisible by three and how to adjust dose after you stub your toe? Tricky stuff!)

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