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Food Marketing

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I like how they are marketing prunes as dried plums now, as a fun food. These companies must think it is working. My feeling is why do you need to buy packaged carrots in the first place, especially ones that have been chiseled down to those baby ones.

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I didn't read thougholy bc a video started somewhere and someone was talking as I was reading. Some of these are being refered to as 'calorie saving' such as cheese which might mean trim the fat and add sugar? I dont believe they will be healthier.


I was watching bonus clips from the movie fed up and the dr was saying when you read that a product has no trans fat but it is  made with oil, such a cool whip, what is really happening is that they make the serving size on the nutrition label small enough that it does not count as a full serving of trans fat, then they can write 0 trans fat on the package.

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as a child, when you look at those beautiful mcdonalds burgers on tv, it makes you want to go there.


the food at mcdonalds looks horrible.


wendy's is the same thing.

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